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1938 - Company founded by three experienced plumbing professionals. BAHEKO name was created using 2 initial letters of each founder surname.


From thethe start they had secured agencies for a number of famous brands within the plumbing industry . The business performed well and you had to repeatedly move to new and larger premises.

1987 - The company's former sales manager Soren Jensen takes over the company and operates in the same spirit but with increased focus on the more technical articles.

1989 - The expansion continues and we move again to its own newly built premises on the outskirts of approx. 1,000 m2 warehouse & office facilities. At the same time investing in new IT equipment to meet industry's increasing demands for electronic trading.

1998 - New extension with office facilities at 50 m2.

2003 - The expansion continues with establishment of new agencies under the President and owner Soren Jensen `s leadership.

2004 - The company set up a development department, headed by Otto Graham, former CEO at Gustavsberg VVS A / S, to further develop and expand product range and customer portfolio.

2006 - Establishment of a large showroom in the basement with an exhibition of the many unique products for shower enclosures, bathtubs, bath room furniture and accessories, and LORO-X products

2008 - Start of a private label division, where the customer can be printed and affixed their own label on the packaging of the stockists who want marketing through its own brand.

The company has invested in newly purchased IT technology to make private label process uniform and easily recognizable, right from the pick slip / invoice to the label on the product itself.

2010 - Der oprettes ny hjemmeside, med let tilgængelige informationer om vores produkter, nyheder, firmaprofil, historie, referencer og mulighed for download af produktdatablade til kvalitetssikring.

2013 - Firmaets velkendte "dråbe" logo gennemgår en professionel og gennemtænkt design fornyelse, som opfriskning og opdatering på firmaets visuelle identitet.